Frequently Asked Questions About Feeds

  • Why do I need to know about animal feeds? 
    Housed chicken must be fed, daily. Commercial chicken farming relies heavily on feed millers. You are dependent on both the livestock breeders and the feed millers. The two are joined at the hip. For a long time, Kenchic recommended Unga Feeds, now Fugo, during their chicken farmer training workshops, as a good quality feed. As we shall see later, high quality feeds (and not just any takataka feed!) are an essential element in feeding hybrids. 

    The only exception to the feed factor is in free ranging setups. In this case, the chicken can be allowed to fend for themselves given the appropriate space. It is important to carefully consider this big expense that you will be incurring on a daily basis. You may be sitting there thinking, this is not for me. Before you left, consider this: 

    It is critical to get in front of your feed budgets. Mistakes in this section can cost you your business. You realize a bigger return when you better understand the feed industry. Additionally, this information improves your capacity to handle feed-related emergencies and ensure a return on your investment. 
    If you are already looking for information on feeds, it says a few things about you; 

    1. You have pigs, cattle, chicken and/or other livestock, whether for domestic consumption or for sale.
    2. You understand the cost factor in feeding domestic animals.
    3. You are looking for specific information to improve your operation.

    So, today, let’s examine animal feeds. What are they? Why do you need to know about animal feeds? What do you need to know about feeds? What is a good feed? What is bad feed? What is a Toyota type feed – good, and cheap, and performs, anywhere? How much does feed cost? Including tips on what the chicken breeders and feed millers won’t tell you.

  • 7 reasons you should pay attention to animal feeds 
    1. Feed costs are over seventy percent of your agribusiness investment.
    2. Access to quality animal feeds is a key factor of production.
    3. Feed price increments and a lack of budgeting, can make you close shop abruptly.
    4. Learn how to hack animal nutrition for higher productivity.
    5. Better feed and feeding management for profitability.
    6. Arm yourself with information which ensures you can handle feed emergencies like the boss!
    7. Plan, project, and preset your operating and profitability estimates even before you put your money down. 



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