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We are committed to provide high-quality animal feeds. Are you from the area and would like to enhance the health and productivity of your livestock?

Welcome to Mûhûnia Mahiû Feeds!

Why Choose Our Feeds?

At Mûhûnia Mahiû Feeds, we are here to ensure you maximize productivity and quality. We understand the pain of the cost of feeds. Our solutions are geared towards healthy, thriving, and productive livestock, which equals happy farmers.

Our Commitment to Give You Value

Munuhia Mahiu Feeds
Smart Manufacturing

We use innovative technology and manufacturing processes to produce the best quality feeds. Feeds that add value to your agribusiness investments. 

Each formulation is designed to blend together the goodness from natural products in  a complementary format.

Random samples are tested periodically to ensure we keep delivering higher value than expected, batch after batch. 

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Raw Materials

We source our raw materials from trusted sources of organically grown plant and animal produce, free from any  harmful chemicals or contamination.

Raw materials like grains are sundried and stored in moisture-free conditions to preserve their natural goodness.

The main reason we take great care to process feeds correctly is to get it ready for better consumption by the animals.

This includes refining handling processes and offsetting anti-nutritional factors. The result is a feed that offers increased intake and improved digestibility. 

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Feed Mixing

Using specialized equipment, the feed is mixed and blended into the final mash presentation. This ensures consistency in texture, grain size, and uniformity in the distribution of each raw material.

Our feeds do not contain processed additives, chemicals, antibiotics, or preservatives.

The final product is a high quality, easily palatable, and quickly metabolized feed which is sure to improve the health and value of your livestock.

Feed Presentation

Mûhûnia Mahiû Feeds are presented as mash. This allows us to blend many raw materials in the right quantities to meet the nutritional needs of each type of animal. They are milled to a small size and evenly mixed. Mash is a simple, compact feed form that lets us pack everything your animal needs in every single bite!

Muhunia Mahiu Feeds
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Chicken Feeds

Chick Starter for young chicks, growers mash for growing chicken, and layer mash for mature hens. 
Young chicks grow strong and healthy quickly. Growers mash enhances strong frame development. Mûhûnia Mahiû Layer mash promotes quality egg production.

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Dairy Feeds

Our dairy feeds are specially formulated to enhance healthy and faster growth of your cattle, milk production and improve the cow's total health.

Mûhûnia Mahiû Dairy Meal Standard is good for faster growth and milk production, and Mûhûnia Mahiû High-Yield  Dairy Meal for high milk production.

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Pig Feeds

Our pig feeds are designed to promote healthy growth and maximize the pig's potential for meat production.

These include;
- Pig starter mash for faster growth
-  Sow & Weaner mash for faster weaning and growth
- Pig finisher mash for faster growth and fattening. 

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Dairy Meal Standard 

Standard Dairy Meal
Enhance Your Dairy Cow's Health and Productivity
Dairy Meal Standard is a high-quality feed that is specifically formulated for dairy cows. It supports your dairy cow's growth, health, and productivity. The feed provides the nutrients that they need, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Dairy Meal Standard is made with all-natural ingredients and is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Feed your dairy cows Mûhûnia Mahiû Dairy Meal Standard and milk the profits!

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Chick Mash

Set Up Your Chicks for Success
Chick Mash is a high-quality feed that is specifically formulated for baby chicks. It sets your chicks up for success by providing all of the nutrients that they need, for fast growth, good frame, and feather development. Chick Starter Mash is made with all-natural ingredients and is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Feed your chicks Mûhûnia Mahiû Chick Mash and watch them thrive!

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Layer Mash

Achieve Maximum Egg Production
Layer Mash is a high-quality feed that is specifically formulated for laying hens. It achieves maximum egg production by providing a complete mix of all the nutrients that your hens need, including methionine, an essential amino acid. Layers Mash is made with all-natural ingredients and is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Feed Mûhûnia Mahiû Layer Mash to your brown layers and kienyeji for more and high-quality eggs!

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